As a child, you were always named badly, such as a ‘chicken’ or a pussy’ as examples, for admittedly being afraid of the dark.

It was so rare for someone to be afraid of something so frowned upon by society, yet so real in our minds.

Darkness the fear of the dark.

Weren’t and aren’t we all afraid of such a thing?

Its okay if you are…We all are.

Don’t worry, your secret is kept safe with me.

Although why?

Why is it such a high occurring thing to be afraid of something so frightening, yet thought to be so simple?

Do you want to know why?

Well if you continue reading, I will tell you why.


To begin with, this fear is not so simple.

Far more than just a dimple.

It isn’t just the fact that you are unaware to physically see,

Its the fact of seeing who you are meant to be,

Its your mental key.

Having to explore your own thoughts,

rather than how the darkness taunts.

You actually have to think,

Its not the darkness that will make you sink.

Our thoughts are what is really dark,

the sight is nothing but a nark.

So why couldn’t we admit to this fear?

Afraid that the darkness was near.

It was because we couldn’t bring ourselves to think under this light,

Now this non-admittance wasn’t very bright.

You just weren’t up for the fight.


So perhaps the very few who openly admitted to their fear rather than fought,

were the ones who weren’t truly afraid,

Because we simply just thought.